Here's a list of projects that I've worked on, am working on, or will work on, currently in no particular order:


Kind: Web Application, Utility

A text sharing utility intended for code review

Status: Alpha
License: GNU GPL v3.0
GitHub Link

This project was my first foray into the world of full stack web development. I wrote this as my open-ended project during my Software Engineering course. Picked up some node.js/expressjs basics, as well as the basics of responsive front-end development.

"Sicator" Character Creator

Kind: Utility, Native

A native utility to create and manage collections of "characters". Could be used for any sort of fictional world, but mostly designed to be used for video game worlds.

Status: Active development

Project Tautilus

Kind: Game

A 3D block breaker game inspired by Arkanoid/breakout.
Status: Active development

Racing game:

Kind: Game

An extremely ambitious video game I tried to make during the summer of my college freshman year. It was awful, but the experience was extremely valuable.